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  • 3675 Wynkoop Street
  • Denver, CO, 80216
  • United States

Impermanence is an inescapable truth of existence. The natural world surrounding us, and the space we occupy within it, are under constant and inevitable change. And yet this change is cyclical; life always ends in death, and death, in turn, leads to new life. (inhabit) will aim to explore the ways in which we perceive, observe, and interpret the impermanent cycles of life in the natural world; and how each life is able to temporarily inhabit the world.   More info at: https://helikongallery.com/gallery/archive/inhabit/

Artist list: Erica Williams, Niky Motekallem, Diana Sudyka, Julia Green, Jessica Roux, Katrin Berge, Jessica Deahl, Caley Hicks, Rachel Jablonski, Sandi Calistro, Rachel Paton, Lindsay Smith, Gustave, Roshelle Lyons, Shannon Bonatakis, Lauren Napolitano, Kikyz1313, Jennifer Joslin, La Scarlatte, Jess Polanshek, Miranda Zimmerman, Halsey Swain, Annie Aqua, Caroline Brothers, Ashley Mackenzie, and Jessica Seamans.