• Zeppelin Station (map)
  • 3501 Wazee St Suite #100

About PONI:
The gracious work of Poni is an invitation to wonder about our immediate surroundings and the relationships we most closely share. Raised in Mexico City, the multi-disciplinary artist expresses her talent through illustration works, paintings, ceramic sculptures and street art murals. Female characters are omnipresent in her art, radiating airy and natural feelings. Her more abstract work is no different, exploring feminine lines while striking a harmonious balance between gentle colours. 

Growing up surrounded with urban art in the streets of Mexico City, Smithe picked up his first spray can at 12 years old and never let it go. While recurring themes in his work include the Mexican culture, poignant colors and science-fiction, he believes that his strongest inspiration comes from his father. He vividly remembers how he would consult his bulky encyclopedia of cars illustrated with exploding diagrams. This schematic way of blowing things up to understand their inner workings is certainly the most striking feature of his work.

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